Bankwest | A Campaign Leads to Image Archives

The Happy 365 and Easy Grant campaign required capturing 30 communities that were sponsored by Bankwest, including sporting clubs, community initiatives and daycares. Locations ranged from Albany to Broome, with several remote farming communities. Outputs included billboards, online, POS materials and banking screens.

This two-year project included comprehensive planning, pre-production, post-production and reporting to the client. In addition to consultative discussions on how the images would and could be used, I suggested a review of future needs beyond the campaign. These discussions led to my concept and first delivery of an ‘image archive’ – a comprehensive collection of images designed to work together across multiple platforms, including social media.

This image archive resulted in significant cost and time savings as it provided Bankwest with comprehensive and organised images for their 2013/2014 marketing calendar. Since this project, I’ve provided hundred of image archives to clients of all sizes. Please reach out if you’d like more information on how it works and how it might help your business.