Every so often, Sabine looks for a passion project – a photography or video project that is not commissioned by a client. These give her the creative freedom to capture a story she wants to tell, as she sees it, without external influence.

However, her fundamental reason for seeking these projects is a personal challenge that comes from revisiting the same subject, location and people over a longer period of time.

Repetition and a slower pace provide more time to observe and uncover a story, but also demand that images be captured in different and unique ways.

Sabine embraces this challenge.

Sabine’s latest such project was to follow renowned winemakers Brown Hill Estate for a year, but she went far beyond just the steps and the seasons of winemaking in Margaret River.

Visiting the estate every two to three weeks for a year, Sabine followed nearly every step in the winemaking process. True to her authentic documentary style of photography, there are no staged images in this collection. As with all her documentary work, each image is authentic and natural.

These raw, powerful and classic images tell the story of a family’s passion, dedication and connection to nature.