Hotel Room

View from a hotel room destroyed by the tsunami.
Andaman Sea, Thailand


Man walks past a picture of the local area taken after the Tsunami hit.
Bang Niang, Thailand


A woman adjusts a photograph on a memorial wall.
Mai Khao, Thailand


Tourists reminiscing as they walk through the remains of a hotel overlooking the Andaman Sea.
Khao Lak, Thailand


A photo of a young girl in the sand with a note. There were so many pictures, notes and messages all over the beach.
Bang Niang Beach, Thailand


Local swimmers walk past a building ruined by the Tsunami.
Khao Lak Beach, Thailand


A young child hand is traced next to a message on a memorial wall.
Mai Khao, Thailand


Survivors walk through the remains of building on the coast of the Andaman sea.
Khao Lak, Thailand

Make shift

A local child walks amongst make shift houses. Tourist accommodations were prioritised before local homes.
Khao Lak, Thailand


A traveller walks past makeshift tourism signs.
Andaman Coast, Thailand


Memorial service attendees watch the sunset prior to the final memorial service on Bank Niang Beach, December 26, 2005.
Khao Lak, Thailand


A child touches a glowing lantern that is about to be released into the night sky.
Bang Niang Beach, Thailand

One Year On

These images are from on and around December 26, 2005 in Khao Lak, Thailand. Ceremonies were held simultaneously in six locations across Thailand’s Southern Provinces to mark the first anniversary of the Asian Tsunami Disaster of 2004

Of the over 5,000 people who died across Thailand, 1953 were foreigners and 800 remain unidentified.

The nighttime memorial service on Bang Niang beach included over 5,000 large glowing lanterns being floated into the night sky in remembrance of those killed – one lantern for each person who died.

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