Cattle follow their tracks to a watering hole.


Ranch manager explaining plans for the day.

School Holidays

The manager's children & friends working on the station while not at school in Perth, some 2,000 kms away.

no noise

A ranch hand spending time with cattle to acclimate them to humans.


A narrowing contradiction to the vastness of the station.

Beauty Marks

Identifying marks unique for each station are used in addition to ear tags and microchips.

scattered Maintenance

A mechanic repairing a tire after a 4-hour drive that included bush bashing.

Day with girls

A woman working on the station. Including the manager, women have equal representation at Anna Plains Station.

Gathering Beauty

A small fraction of the 18,000 cattle at this station.

Feeding time

Spot the camel.

Hard work

A 943,000 acre station takes a toll on the equipment, just as it does the people.


A twice-weekly event.

Anna Plains

A project to capture life on an 18,000 head cattle station in remote northern Western Australia. What makes the images is the vastness of the land, the beauty of the animals and the passion of the people caring for it all.

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