Morning Tea

Used the darkness to accentuate the morning light.

Hansel & Gretel

This restaurant is well known for their in-house bakery.


I liked the combination of a green cup amongst all the greenery.


I can almost smell the bread which is all hand made to perfection.

Continous Prep

Sorting fresh produce in between breakfast and lunch rushes.

Tasty Start

The final stage of the process.


Used black & white to strip away distractions from the focus of the sous-chef. The lights make the shot.


Two of my favourite dishes.

Morning Light

I love how the light hits in this shot.


The contrast of dark background with natural light links the amazing food with the atmosphere.


Rarely seen view showing the space in full flow.

Last Service

Closing shot of the series for me, non-stop meal preparation that does not waver in quality, no matter how tired they are.

Bread in Common

A single day shoot to capture the passion of the people, the standard of the food, and the atmosphere from the architectural award-winning space.

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