A Treasure

A young girl opening an Oreo cookie.

Repetitive Feeling

A captivating landscape even though it hardly changed during the hours of driving to reach the community.


Broken glass symbolic of an often broken relationship between indigenous and white Australia.


Anonymous feel of the project maintained with this dark, minimalist shot of children playing with a plastic flower.


Stark contrast of western influence captured with bare feet stepping on barbed wire.


Contradiction of modern clothing in remote outback.

Perfect Light

A feeling of memories of what once was, a contrast of beautiful light in a run-down room.

Sunday Dress

Family members about to leave after a group picnic.


Children playing with a clean scarf represents a contrast of fresh & new with dirty & old.

Wet Country

The beauty of the land remaining visible even during a cleansing rain.

Garden Thoughts

Reflections during a walk.

Red Feet

An elemental shot of light, water, heat and a boy moving forward in a vastness.


An anthropology project to capture the feelings, emotions and connection to the land of an aboriginal community in the outback. There was little direction which forced me to let go of my normal approach. I observed, waiting for them to tell me their story.

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