His injuries are obvious, but Jaroslaw Kurowski (POL) also shows a look of determination that reflects the journey and recovery of all the competitors at The Games.


Invictus Games is about recovering from injury, both mental and physical. This image starkly shows that most of the competitors are not able-bodied athletes – that each competes while facing different challenges.


Abdul Hanan Fehrdus (AFG) is strapped to a platform while competing in shot-put.


Feelings of precision and accuracy as Siraj Muneer Abdullah (IRQ) selects an arrow.


Team France enjoys a moment after a final race. The Invictus Games brings people together with a common goal of recovery, but also through joy and celebration.


The Australia Men’s Wheelchair Rugby Team prepares for a match.


Mark Ormrod (GBR) and Garry Robinson (AUS) remain in the swimming pool to cheer for Joel Rodriguez (USA) who struggled to finish the race.


Edwin Vermetten (NL) supports and encourages doubles partner Paul Guest (GBR) during wheelchair tennis.


Each runner at a different moment in the race, a different moment of stride, reflects their unique physical challenges towards a shared goal of recovery.


The Invictus Games are not just for the competitors, but also for the families who have gone through so much in support their loved ones. The Games felt as restorative to them as to the competitors they were cheering.


Mike Kacer collapses after a race and reaches out to Paata Jibuti, who is also missing his left arm, for help to return to his feet.


Humility matched with strength as a competitor of the United Kingdom gracefully glides over the finish line.


Invictus Games Sydney 2018 highlights the raw emotions of the competitors, their families and loved ones. Inspired by the ethos of The Games I focused on the perseverance of the competitors. It’s not about finishing first and be the best but it is about being there, looking forward and celebrate their journey to recovery.

The power of sports is endlessly inspiring to me. Capturing so many different events has taught me that competing is much more than trying to win. Everyone competes for unique and deeply personal reasons.

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