by hand

The detail in this shot reflects how hard (and specific) this work is.


I like the sense of vastness and being exposed.

early start

At altitude, it was quite cool in the first hours, represented by the dark colours and red hat.


A seemingly endless field of fresh tea leaves, a beautiful woman, and some interesting lines.

first stage

Initial sorting made interesting with one worker in all red amongst all the green.


Contradiction of inside vs. outside, fluorescent light vs. sunlight, metal rows vs. natural branches.


Juxtaposition of hands.


The yellow hat connects the shot to the series. I quite like the sharpness of focus.


Branding captured during a tea break in the plantation lunch room.


Clean cool air punctuated by the sky 'window' at the end of the path.


A wariness at the end of a long day.


A guard waves as we pass the entry gate he's opened. His happiness was reflective of all the people I encountered there.

Lipton Tea

A five day project to capture each stage of the tea making process of a plantation in Kericho, Kenya for website and print media. I also captured philanthropic work from the client in the surrounding community. An unintended result of the shoot was the making of a photographic book.

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