Miked Up

Crew working with the Jessica Rule.

Rock Star

Gorgeous Aleisha and her white stretched limo

Light Eyes

Producer filming while light was hitting her face presented a nice contrast of shadows.


Differences in age, technology and focus.

Fashion Show

First time in heels during Nadoc Week.


They had just finished a long walk with all their granddaughters, sharing family history.


At the behest of the mom, each girl put a personal item on their father's grave.


Artificial flowers left in the cemetery creating a contradiction of natural earth and mortality with eternal plastic.

Long Days

Karla Hunt, co-executive producer and field director, taking a moment.


The grandmother was always directing and admonishing the girls throughout the series, including during my final group shot.


The mother hugging the film maker towards the end of the series.

Move on

An uncle explains to the daughters how Emus play dead to fool their young to leave the herd and live their lives.

My Family Rules

A nine month project to capture the making of the observational documentary TV series as well as iconic shots of each episode for media purposes. The documentary aimed to capture the day-to-day life of a widowed mother and her nine daughters as they went through a healing process.

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