Looking in

The light and long hallway contrasted the shadow and confined space of the cell.


Some transfer of information that was only allowed with one prisoner at a time.


One of hundreds if not thousands daily safety steps of unlocking and locking.


Guards are relaxed but always aware of every element of their surroundings.


The prisoners often work with facility administrators.

Checking in

Contrast of a relaxed interaction and ease of opening the door with the heavy and impenetrable security door.


Inspections are always thorough, checking everything right down to the last matchstick.

before lunch

In a rare exit from their cells, prisoners line up in a high security area.


An art class presenting a juxtaposition of hands.

Fine Line

There was a relaxed, uplifting respectful energy in the room. Some art work was quite remarkable, representing both joy and sadness.

locked in

Nurses reviewing medications also suggest limited movement and space even for non-prisoners.


Female nurse looking after the health of a male prisoner, feelings of respect and rehabilitation inside a prison.


It was an interesting challenge to capture the interactions of guards and prisoners, particularly the underlying tension from the natural conflict of trust & respect in an environment with rules and danger. I had to maintain the anonymity of the prisoners and did not want to resort to blurring or blacking out images.

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