Rockingham Montessori | A day through the eyes of a child

Watching a child learn something new in school is mesmerising, but this is something that few parents get to see. This is exactly what the principal of the Rockingham Montessori School felt was so important to capture. 

Instead of trying to have the children pose for pictures, it was a delight to photograph children in a documentary style as they focused on learning and interacting with teachers and fellow students. The strength of capturing authentic moments was key in telling the story of Montessori.

Investing enough time to capture authentic shots is always critical. To do so with children is doubly so, as it took time for them to lose interest in my camera and forget that I was there. 

It also took time to capture the different stages of the various projects, the surroundings of the children, and their interactions with their teachers and each other.

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