She’s a Farmer

She’s a Farmer is an adventurous and touching story about a group of Australian female farmers who travel to Indonesia on a unique mission to exchange agricultural knowledge with East Javanese female farmers. But what they discover is an intimate bond through shared experience, laughter and a mutual passion for feeding the world.

It’s a meeting and a clash of cultures, and the contrasts are breathtaking. From ploughshare to combine harvester, from a single cow farm and a small allotment which feeds a few Javanese families, to the million-acre Anna Plains Station, with 18,000 head of cattle and an international export business.


Filmed against the picturesque scenery of rural Indonesia and the stark but stunning Western Australian landscape, it is an emotional journey which documents a brave step towards nurturing a deeper relationship between Indonesia and Australia. It is a story of hope and unity.

Special thanks to my mentor Nic Dunlop, Video Editor at Little Star Productions.